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finding purpose through intuition

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find intuition

that undeniable gut feeling, that bone deep sensation that no matter what you do & think it sits there, that instinct that screams & screams at you until you have no choice but to listen. 

stop, fighting it.

what feels good?

do that and only that & feel like you deserve it

be mindful but listen to your body - it's the only thing that cannot lie.

let go of anything that drains your energy & do it guilt free and unapologetic-ly. its okay to let go of anything that leaves you exhausted.

we all have the ability to override the red flags and the longer we ignore them, the harder life gets until eventually the universe smacks you across the head with a chair.

 dig deep. tune in.


one - If I continued to do what I am doing today, who will I be in five years?   | how do you feel | what would you be doing | where would you be |     

two - What do I wish I spent more time doing?  | sky is the limit | no obligations | no fear | 

three - What is a snapshot of your perfect day? | what are you doing | who are you with | how do you feel |   

four - Who am I ? | what would your family & friends say |   

five - What occurs in my presence ?  | how do people feel around me | how do people react around me |

six - How am I inservice ?  | how do you help people | what do you give back | what do you contribute |  

seven - What is my five/ten year vision ? | be as bold as you want | dream the impossible | write down anything |

we all think we need to connect passion with a job, you do not have to quit your job, you can align your values, your passion and what you love with your job. 
— @allymaz

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